UPLIFT Academy: SW Philly

UPLIFT Academy is a Montessori-style learning center for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years. Here, children learn, play, and grow!

UPLIFT Resource and Learning Center

UPLIFT is building a resource and learning center in Lehvumah, Liberia!

Reading Rooms

UPLIFT has established 7 functional reading rooms serving nearly 1000 students in 7 K-12 schools in Duazon, Liberia!


R3 is a social enterprise initiative that properly disposes of household organic and plastic waste in Liberia, West Africa! From trash, to cash!

Hungry No More

In 2020 alone, UPLIFT donated rice and other food items to more than 400 families in Liberia and Mali!


A message from our founder.

UPLIFT is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization founded in 2014 to provide multi-faceted human advancement services to people experiencing poverty across the globe.  Why? Because education and dignity is a human right, not a luxury afforded to the elite. Join us and UPLIFT someone, today!
Atema Addy
CEO and Founder

What is Our Impact?

UPLIFT Academy was founded in 2019 to offer exceptional early education for children in South West Philadelphia’s economically disadvantaged community. 

Within the first year of its conception, UPLIFT Academy went from a Keystone Star 1 to a Keystone Star 2 facility, and we are the candidates for a Keystone Star 3! This is a major accomplishment and shows that we are committed to quality education and our children’s future!

We make responsible, self-sufficient readers by 2 years old


In Duazon, Liberia, UPLIFT has established 7 reading rooms in 7 schools

We serve 957 students in our reading rooms. For most of our students, UPLIFT provided their first interaction with a written text! 

In 2020, UPLIFT was donated 5 acres of land in Lehvumah, Liberia where we will expand our services through the UPLIFT Community and Resource Center! 


Liberia: Hungry No More

Mali: “Antafe Congo Kana Mogho Meenay” translated as hunger shall not touch anyone.

UPLIFT has provided food to 407 families (average 5 persons per household) between 2 West African countries: Liberia and Mali. 

In coming years, UPLIFT will transfer this program from a food give-away to food production!

Self sufficiency + resources = Dignity 


Our mission at UPLIFT is to provide immediate and long-term support, resources, education, and global connections for people with less access to tools for advancement, to achieve a life of dignity.