A Montessori styled learning center located in South West Philadelphia at 5534 Chester Avenue! We are literacy and STEM focused and your child will learn all the basics to put them at the top of their Kindergarten class after graduating from UPLIFT Academy! We are confident in our ability to grow thoughtful, intelligent, explorative leaders of tomorrow! Contact us to learn more.

Join us at UPLIFT Academy: where children Learn, Play, and Grow!

What We Do

We're All About One Thing: developing strong children today, who will lead our world tomorrow

About UPLIFT Academy

UPLIFT Academy was built with our children in mind! Our learning center provides a safe, happy, and high-quality environment for each one of our children to learn, play, and grow. It is a place where your little ones can learn about the world and acquire a strong sense of self. We provide a secure environment for children during the most crucial years of their development! We have a qualified and certified teaching staff who will ensure your child is growing and learning at a high level.

Our Philosophy

4 Things You Should Know About UPLIFT Academy


Our Aim

UPLIFT Academy is a unique learning center aimed at providing exemplary childcare by building practical life skills and instilling empathy and compassion within our children, all the while laying the best educational foundation for our children to excel at ANY school. With UPLIFT, it is our duty to level the playing field for all children, from all backgrounds, and to give them the tools for a success and healthy life.


Our Commitment

We are committed to your child learning through exploration. Our environment at UPLIFT Academy encourages it! At UPLIFT Academy, we will assist your child in developing important values such as: good manners, caring, sharing, patience, responsibility, communication skills, and teamwork! Even while at work, you can feel at ease knowing your little one is safe, engaged, nurtured, and learning through our exceptional daily curriculum!


Our Facility

Our facility was designed to be an inviting space for children and to promote their independence, nurturing personalities, and self-reflection. We keep learning resources and hooks for hanging coats low to teach our children responsibility and accountability. We’ve also taken the time to childproof everything so our children are free to roam and play within the classroom. Our facility is set up for exploration!


Our Goal

Our goal is to make you feel at ease, knowing that your child is learning in a safe and nurturing environment! Anyone who steps into the door at UPLIFT Academy is family. Since we are educators and parents, we are very aware of worrying daily while your kids are at daycare— Are they happy, safe, and learning? Don’t worry; your child is in good hands at UPLIFT Academy – we’ve got you!

We are Focused on Literacy

Our parent organization, UPLIFT – United Peoples’ Learning Initiative for Tomorrow, is literacy-focused! Did you know that teaching a child to read is one of the best gifts that anyone can offer a young person? When someone learns to read, the world has opened up for them! Their knowledge becomes the vehicle through which they explore the world, and since we are laying the foundation for our young leaders, we place literacy at the core of every day within UPLIFT Academy. Our facility is rich with so many books that are accessible to the young reader. We know that from birth, it is essential that children become exposed to books: listening to its recitation, looking at pictures, touching the pages, and interacting with the written text. These practices both at home and school indeed develop a young person, and that is what we instill within our little ones – a love for books and exploration through books!

Quality Education for All

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