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UPLIFT is finally building the resource center in Lehvumah, Liberia, and we are excited for the development that is on the horizon!

Though it felt like the world stopped during Covid, we worked harder and more strategically to reach the children and adults who benefit from our efforts at UPLIFT. For our most important stakeholders worldwide (and our reason why), life became significantly more challenging, and learning and development took a complete halt. However, social advancement and our calling to dignify our stakeholders kept our fire lit! UPLIFT has been donated 5 acres of land in Lehvumah, Liberia, and we have big plans! In the first week of June, we will start constructing our center's foundation. Alongside construction, UPLIFT is beginning the literacy-building-focused afterschool program at the elementary school near our land, also to be launched the first week of June. We cannot wait for the right time to uplift someone. We must do it now! It is our responsibility to take care of each other, so join us and UPLIFT the world, one resource at a time! Donate what you can today to start the foundation!

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